Author Sculptures

As I’m a huge literary nerd, I find a lot of inspiration in the pages of my favorite novels.  I also love to bring to life my interpretation of the creatures and characters of my favorite books, and soon realized that if I could attend a book signing most authors LOVE to be gifted 3-d fan art of their characters.  Now, whenever I hear of an author I appreciate doing a local signing, I try and create something to gift them!  The authors I’ve currently gifted sculptures to are as follows:

Brandon Sanderson – a Steel Inquisitor from the Mistborn series; Neil Gaiman (NEIL GAIMAN has my sculpt in his writing room!) – a diorama of the Beast of London from his novel, Neverwhere; Jacqueline Carey – a sculpture of her heroine Phedre no Delauney from the Kushiel’s Dart series; Gerald Brom – a mini sculpture of Krampus, from his novel Krampus the Yule Lord; Jim Butcher – Mouse, from the Dresden Files; Diana Gabaldon – Adso the cat from Outlander; Diana Rowland – a dragon sculpture wearing Christmas gear! (this one takes a bit of explaining – Diana went viral in Christmas of 2018 for having giant inflatable dragons in her front yard as they were perceived by neighbors as not appropriate Christmas decorations.  So, she made them appropriate by decking them out for the holidays!  The dragon I made her is a version of one in her front yard);  Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon – the gryphon Skandranon from the Black Gryphon series that they co-authored; and finally Timothy Zahn  – Draycos from his Dragonback series.